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A truckle bed, even a trundle bed, is a kind of bed having rollers underneath to assist in putting under the main bed. It is a conventional bed, but it looks more like a huge drawer which encloses a bed. It's. Therefore, a bed having another bed. The name is derived from trundles that are used to move it back and forth. Historically the beds were made for servants to enable them to sleep close to their masters so that they can answer urgent calls at night. It's also known as the bed of a ship captain which implies a scarcity of beds. This bed is one of the best in a small room where a couple can spend without consuming a space occupied by an ordinary bed. It's ideal for rooms that people use for sleep overs. 


If you have had a lot of guests in the house and space for them to rest was limited, it is advisable to learn how to make a trundle bed such as hammock stand by yourself. I had guests visit me during one of the holidays, and it made me decide to find out how to make it by myself. This will help you to avoid the hustle of asking neighbors to accommodate them. It can turn out to be very neat and elegant. The bed can still be used as a drawer by kids when guests are gone. That is a real space saving model. Building the bed is very easy though there are a few issues you must think about before making this kind of bed.


You must take the measurements of the bed you will put the trundle. The dimension is such that the trundle is not exceeding the one of the main bed. It is important to take the height of the space under the main bed. This would give you the height of the trundle.   It is much like making a drawer only that, it is the size of the bed, Plywood is good, and it should be joined using strong staples. Wheels should be attached to its corners. Turn it upside down to make it easy to fix. Keep checking on the height because if it is so high, it may be hard to keep under the bed after the guests have left. To ensure that you don't overlook any details, it's recommended you do it systematically on the instruction given on how to build a trundle. These beds are not only helpful to visitors; they can be used by kids because of the closeness to the floor which guarantees safety.


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