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A trundle bed refers to a bed built with rollers so that it can easily go underneath a different bed or some furniture piece. It is a bed within a bed. This type of bed was first produced for servants so that they can sleep closer to their masters and attend to their needs if they are summoned at midnight. These beds are otherwise called captain's bed which obviously relates to the lack of storage space on board a ship.


A trundle bed is one of the best bed solutions for small rooms.  It is also a convenient method to have an available guest bed when the need arises but can be stored away easily to open up the space. They provide two people with a separate bed to sleep in without taking up the spare area of a regular bed.  It is perfect for cramped rooms as well as frequent sleepovers. If not in use, this smaller bed can be stashed away under your main bed. When you need an extra place to sleep in, you can simply pull out the trundle and then push it back inside afterwards. A daybed with a trundle offers a perfect solution for maximizing space as well as comfort.


Trundle beds like full size trundle bed are very popular among families with young kids who sleep in the same room. It provides them with a wider room to play in at daytime, yet allows a couple of kids to each have a separate bed at night. Trundle beds for kids can be set up with vibrant mattress covers that feature their favorite cartoon characters or other images that young children find appealing.


Trundle beds are also perfect in the guest room as well as in any limited area where you might want to have an extra bed. If you are looking for additional space saving feature, then you can try looking for cheap trundle beds. A lot of these trundle beds come with mattresses of varying heights although there are also those types that can unfold and popup to a similar height as the daybed mattress. So you've got a surface to sleep in similar to that of the regular king-sized bed. A couple of twin-sized trundle bed mattresses are equivalent to a king-sized mattress. Such a mattress is not heavy in any way and can easily be moved to wherever they are needed. If not in use, the lower bed mattress can be removed, giving you a functional open space for storing things.


A common type of trundle bed has a low trundle, suggesting that a person will have to sleep near the floor. Some of the usual bed frames are rather high to allow the simple trundle to be stashed away underneath the bed. As you look for the bed bed, save time and look for a hammock stand as well.


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